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Landlord tax the final straw?

Properties in Negative Equity?

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The UK's only fully authorised and regulated Landlord debt specialist's

Thanks for helping me out of debt. The properties were causing a lot of stress as well as unnecessary cost. When I realised I’d have a £...
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What do you do if your property investment dreams turn into a nightmare?
Even the best property investments can fail, often for reasons beyond an investor's control.
If you are a landlord with investment properties that are no longer viable due to Negative Equity, Section 24 tax changes, or an inability to refinance, we can help.

Landlord Debit Advisory is part of CD Fairfield Capital Group. We are the only property debt specialists currently operating in the UK who are authorised and regulated by both the FCA and Chartered Accountancy Regulatory Board.

This means you get the widest possible range of options to choose from with the greatest level of consumer protection, all "under one roof".

Landlord Debit Advisory are currently helping 410 landlords with over worth of debt

DEBT FREE, move on with your life. Our average Debt Write Off is

per client

We have the highest success rate of any company of our type

cases settled in 2016.

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What our customers say?

95% of customers satisfied with our service

100% confidential, accredited & authorised

Non-Judgemental, supportive and professional staff

We have a debt write-off success rate of up to 87.67%

There are some common reasons Landlords delay taking action.
Do any sound familiar?

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I don't want to go bankrupt!

In the vast majority of our cases (over 99.5%), there is no need for bankruptcy to fix the problem. As experts in this field, we offer a full review service and bespoke solutions for our clients, taking into account affordability and their future aspirations. Bankruptcy is not an ideal solution for either borrower or lender.

Some of my properties are "gems", I don't want to lose them!

The clear majority of our clients are the same. A detailed review and stress-testing your portfolio against all the potential threats will establish which properties to keep and which need to be addressed.

I've never missed any payments in my life

Most of our clients are exactly like you. Often a Landlord debt issue is not purely financial. You don't need to be struggling financially at this stage but it could be clear that problems in the future make the situation untenable.

I'm worried about my credit rating

This is the most common concern we hear from our clients. Because we review cases in-depth, we can advise you about future creditworthiness with our vast experience and track record, but it is worth noting that lenders have a diverse attitude to how they record debt settlements on a client's credit file. If you require further explanation of this please get in contact.

I don't want anyone to find out about my issues, especially my tenants and agent.

Neither do we. Our review service is totally 100% confidential. We advise you on exactly what your options are and present tailored solutions before you make any decisions.

I don't want to discuss my private finances with a stranger

This is natural, most clients have felt the same way before they spoke to Landlord Debt Advisory. What they found was an expertly trained, empathetic adviser who could provide all the guidance, support and reassurance needed, we don't judge, we help.

My situation is different. My mortgage lender would never write-off any debt for me

Clients voice this concern to our advisers every day. The nature of our service is such, that we can establish exactly where you stand and what your options are before any negotiation even takes place. If you're worried about debt and you're on this website, isn't it worth a phone call for peace of mind?

I can't afford to pay fees

Every client is concerned about costs and cash-flow, but have you factored in the cost of doing nothing? We will provide the advice needed so you can make an informed decision about your next steps, it is crucial that you are aware of ALL options available and the cost/implications of each. We offer payment terms that mean clients pay as their case progresses, you can see what you are getting for your money at every step of the way. We are totally transparent and will never take on a case unless it is financially beneficial to the client to do so.

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  • 248 people a day are declared insolvent or bankrupt in the UK. This is equivalent to one person every 6 minutes 13 seconds.

  • 52 mortgage possession claims and 32 mortgage possession orders are made every day.

  • 336 landlord possession claims and 268 landlord possession orders are made every day.

"This sounds too good to be true?"

This may seem like a strange thing to say, but our service is the first of its kind and companies in the past have claimed to help Landlords in this situation, but just charged fees for little or no return. It is a question we often get asked.

If you think about it, what we do makes perfect sense, we find the best deal for our client, which is often the best deal for their lender. We help both parties move on in the shortest timeframe, with the best available outcome.

We have very good relationships with most lenders and we are transparent and straightforward in all our dealings, genuinely getting results. If we can't help, we won't take you on as a client.

We are a company with strong core ethics and proud of the work we do, helping our clients get back on track while also helping the general economy to recover.