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About Landlord Debt Advisory, The Property Debt Experts

We are currently the ONLY specialist property debt company operating in the UK that offers the FULL range of solutions that any client could possibly need. We wrap a suitable solution around our clients, we don’t make our clients fit our solution, that’s important, we even start with a full review to see if you should even be in the position in the first place.

When it comes to finding the best solutions to property debt issues, nobody goes further or has more experience than our Landlord Debt Advisory team. We've built our team and our business around you, our customers.

The team consists of:

• Banking professionals
• Accountancy staff
• Insolvency trained staff
• Property professionals
• Financial advisers

Experience has taught us that debt is only part of the issue that our clients face. You may also be concerned about a lack of information, stress, the impact on your family and your ability to access credit in the future.

All staff are trained to be non-judgemental and to act in a manner that is compassionate and respectful. We go the extra mile because we want to make a difference. We want to help you move forward in the way that you need.

We are recognised industry experts at providing innovative property debt solutions. Our average property debt write-off in 2016 exceeded £70,000 per customer.

Landlord Debt Advisory is part of CD Fairfield Capital Group based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland was the part of the UK most affected by the housing crash of 2008 and as such, the lessons learned and the relationships built with lenders have been a massive part of the success of the company. Over time, we’ve received an increasingly growing number of enquiries from the rest of the UK, particularly the North of England and Wales and as we deal with the same panel of lenders, it has been a smooth transition. It is one thing knowing how to approach this kind of work, it is another thing entirely to have a good working relationship with the lenders who ultimately make the decisions. It is worth noting that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, a lenders attitude to debt resolution is determined by their exposure to that element of the market, it’s a case of being able to balance their books effectively.

Building trust and being dedicated to finding the best way forward for both our client and their lender has been a key part of our success to date, total transparency is key.

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