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  • UK slides down European buy to let rankings.
    Posted on 26 Sept 2017 |

    The UK is now the fifth worst place in Europe to make a buy to let investment, according to the latest European Buy to Let League Table published by WorldFirst.
  • Universal Credit pushing tenants into rent arrears.
    Posted on 19 Sept 2017 |

    More than a third of landlords in the private rental sector have tenants receiving Universal Credit in rent arrears, an increase of 10% on last year, according to new research by the Residential Landlords Association.
  • Number of UK landlords continues to fall.
    Posted on 11 Sept 2017 |

    The number of private landlords in the UK has fallen over the last two years, according to new figures published by Countrywide, despite the number of rented properties rising.

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