Buy to let yields fell in 2017.

Buy to let yields fell in 2017.

  • Buy to let yields fell in 2017.

    UK landlords are struggling to achieve significant yields on their rental properties, according to new research from the Your Move Buy to Let Index.

    According to the data, the fall in rental yields comes despite average rents rising 2.4% year on year in England and Wales.

    The average rental yield was 4.4% in October 2017, down from 4.8% compared to the same time in 2016, and flat month on month.

    The survey found that rental yields were lowest in London (3.2%), the South East (3.3%) and the South West (3.3%).

    The fall in rental yields comes despite average rents increasing. England and Wales have seen a rise of 2.4%, with the East of England and the North West recording the greatest rent increase at 3.2% and 3.1% respectively.

    London and the North East were the only regions where average rents have fallen, with both seeing a 1% drop.

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