Landlords could be forced to register with an ombudsman.

Landlords could be forced to register with an ombudsman.

  • Landlords could be forced to register with an ombudsman.

    At their annual conference in Manchester, the Conservative Party has announced a slew of new measures to further regulate the private rented sector.

    Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Sunday, Mr Javid said the scheme would give more rights to tenants in the private rented sector. He also announced a consultation on creating a new housing court and said the government would be unveiling new incentives in the Autumn Budget for landlords to offer tenancies of at least 12 months.

    He also said the government would introduce new legislation to ensure all letting agents are registered, so they could not operate without qualifications and professional oversight.

    In his conference speech, Mr Javid said; “For too long, tenants have felt unable to resolve the issues they’ve faced, be it insecure tenure, unfair letting agents’ fees or poor treatment by their landlord with little to no means of redress. We’re going to change that.

    “We will insist that all landlords are part of a redress scheme and we will regulate letting agents who want to operate.

    “Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their own homes and we will make sure they do.”

    Following the introduction of Section 24, which phases out mortgage interest tax relief, hikes to Stamp Duty and new regulations such as the cap on tenants’ deposits, many landlords already feel the government has been scapegoating landlords and the private rented sector, and these new plans are unlikely to improve their confidence in the market.

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