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Re-Mortgage / Re-Structure

You may have exhausted all avenues with your broker. The new PRA lending rules may be prohibitive…

However, not everything is black and white.

After carrying out your review, restructuring your current portfolio or obtaining a new mortgage arrangement may be the most suitable option. This may still be available if your properties are in negative equity.

We have successfully negotiated better rates and extended terms for our Landlord clients, even when there was insufficient equity or affordability to refinance elsewhere.

You may have obtained a mortgage or loan product at a time when lending rates were much higher. Currently, rates are at an all-time low and a new mortgage or loan may be more affordable.

Restructuring and/or re-mortgaging can provide a quick and affordable alternative to a debt settlement solution, meaning that you don't need to sell and your credit rating remains intact.

Our experience and relationships with lenders across the UK place us in a strong position to obtain the result you need. We deal with all third party and lender communications on your behalf.

You can relax safe in the knowledge that you have a team of experts working tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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Re-mortgage/Restructure – Landlord Debt Advisory has negotiated many cases whereby interest only portfolio terms have been extended, even when the client’s request had previously been rejected by the lender.

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