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Your Case Review

Should You Even Be In Your Current Situation?

Most mortgage and loan products were sold entirely appropriately, but not all.

The way to find out if you have been mis-sold any mortgage product is by conducting a full case review.

Was Your Mortgage?

• Taken out on a residential basis but used as a buy-to-let?

Has Your Adviser?

• Been “struck-off” for malpractice
• Personally bankrupt

Answering YES to the above could help us gain a foothold into a negotiation with your lender.

Our process begins by obtaining ALL of the original documentation from your lender. It is vital that this is reviewed by our experts. Maybe it isn't your fault that you are trapped in your current predicament. We're the best, most experienced people to investigate this on your behalf.

Our review will examine your affordability at the time at which you were sold your mortgage(s) and the suitability of the product for your circumstances at that time. The status of the adviser and lending criteria are also investigated. We will examine what alternatives were available to you and how these factors related to the provision of suitable advice.

We will assess where you are now.

The next stage of your case review is to assess you and your properties to determine what your options are. Specifically,  the impact it would have on you relating to:

Interest rate rises
The inability to refinance
Interest only term(s) ending where you have insufficient equity to discharge the debt
The impact of Section 24 (Buy to let tax changes)
Cash-flow problems – non-paying tenants, unforeseen maintenance costs, voids
Protecting other assets – your home, properties with equity

Factoring the above we can then report back to you, discussing how to prepare or mitigate these threats.

How Can We Help?

Once your case review is complete we will know, and more importantly, you will know exactly what your options are in terms of:

• Do you qualify for Landlord Debt relief?
• Should you sell some/all of your properties? When should you do this?
• Are there any refinancing/restructuring opportunities worth pursuing?
• What are the “stress points” on your cash-flow?

The Case Review costs £300.00. This is a loss-leader for Landlord Debt Advisory due to the time and work required, however, it allows us to (A) complete all of the above for you and (B) engage with you as a client, affording you regulatory protection under the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Does this sound like something you need to find out about? Call 0161 222 4311 or fill in the form for a call-back.

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